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Non-Pressure Sensitive Converting

M&C Specialties is a 3M Preferred Converter for non-pressure sensitive converting and manufacturing.

Pressure Sensitive Converting

When your project requires pressure sensitive converting for PSAs, M&C Specialties is a leader in the industry and a 3M Preferred Converter.

Rotary Die Cutting, Kiss Cutting, or Laser Cutting

M&C Specialties are specialists in the field of rotary die cutting, kiss cutting and laser cutting with over 55 years experience at your service.pressure sensitive converting Pressure sensitive converting services and complete solutions.

Our team of customer reps, design and manufacturing engineers, quality specialists, and production managers stand ready to take your concept to a finished, sterile product for medical and pharmaceutical
 Wound Care
  • Thin film high MVTR dressings
  • Composite dressings
  • Nonadherent dressings
  • Absorbent foam and hydrocolloid dressings
  • Active wound healing components
  • Wound Closure strip
  • Hydrogel dressings and components

 Diagnostic & Life Science
  • Microplate and microfluidic sealing tapes and other lidding materials
  • Non-migratory, inert adhesives for assay-types genomics, PCR, HTS, compound storage.
  • Adhesives for capillary flow diagnostic test strips used in blood coagulation, blood glucose, cholesterol, pregnancy, ovulation, and drugs of abuse testing
  • Hydrophilic films uses for fluid transport for IVD test strips that are compatible with many reagent systems and help direct, control and speed fluid flow
  • Nitrocellulose membranes and blotting materials designed, manufactured and tested specifically for RNA, DNA and protein analysis

 Medical Device & Adhesive Components
  • Monitoring and specialty electrode components
  • Catheter and tube securement devices
  • Hydrogels for defibrillation and grounding pads
  • Ostomy and urological components- barrier films and closures
  • Radiological markers- conductive inks and foils
  • Iontophoresis device components- hydrogels, dielectric, and conductive adhesives
  • Biosensor materials specifically designed for use in medical monitoring, diagnostics, drug delivery, food and beverage testing, and environmental sensors

 Wearable Technologies
 Consumer Healthcare Products
  • Cosmeceutical and nutraceutical components (vitamins and other active ingredients)
  • Specialty wound and burn treatment products
  • Foot care products
  • Fashion tapes
  • Specialty retail adhesive components


R&D : dedicated laboratory and engineers for materials testing and rapid prototyping

MATERIALS : long-term, preferred converter relationships benefit customers for best prices and flexibility for customization
MANUFACTURING : precision technical expertise

 Die Cutting & Sheeting
  • High-speed rotary die cutting: in-line registration up to .003 of an inch
  • Flatbed die cutting up to 48” wide
  • Rotary die cutting up to 20” wide
  • Laser die cutting up to 18” wide
  • Servo registration and island placement

 Custom Slitting
  • Slitting: as low as +/-.005 inch tolerance control on most materials
  • Baloney/lever slitting: 0.010” to 72” wide
  • Rewind slitting: 0.015” to 72” wide
  • Precision fixed tool: 0.015” to 20” wide
  • Finger lift/dry edge: 0.090” to 72” wide
  • Short roll length: greater than 36”

  • Wide web up to 60” wide
  • Multi-layer up to 14” layers
  • Zone and patterned PSAs up to 48” wide
  • PSA and non-PSA materials

 Spool (Traverse) Winding
  • Multi-head
  • Inline finger lift/dry edge
  • 12” wide spools

  • Flexographic or hot stamping
  • Up to four colors
  • Capability to consecutively number

 Additional Services
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Validation
  • Sub-assembly to full-assembly
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Supply chain management

Download Manufacturing Capabilities PDF

Our Early Partner Involvement (EPI) Approach values working closely with you from concept development and refinement to full-scale production and delivery. We stand ready with a team of design and material engineers to engage in early discussions, develop CAD drawings for production exploration, recommend and test materials, and run prototypes. An on-site material testing lab allows us to be more responsive to you. Our goal is to help you maximize product performance while minimizing manufacturing costs.

Learn more about how we work at M&C Specialties.

Once the design concept and functionality have been thoroughly fleshed out, our materials engineering group helps to define the right components for your products – PSA or non-PSA materials.

M&C’s long-time relationships with material suppliers put us in the coveted position of being a preferred customer with access to the latest advanced materials at competitive prices. These include:

and more

If off-the-shelf material solutions are not the best match, our engineers and material suppliers will custom-formulate options. Call us to discuss your specific material needs.
Material Sampling

Click here to see some of our most widely used Healthcare materials.
Non wovens
Spunlaced polyester
Foam tapes
Cast Urethanes
Sterilization Tape
Transfer tapes
Double coated tapes
Embossed polyester
Stitchable fabrics
Cloth tapes
Hypoallergenic tapes
Suture tapes
Ostomy tapes
Cosmetic tapes

Our regulatory department adheres to strict regulatory compliance for healthcare from process validation to full documentation and traceability.
• ISO 9001:2015 certified   (Download PDF)
• ISO 13485:2016 certified   (Download PDF)
• FDA-registered
• ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8 clean rooms
• Controlled “white” manufacturing areas
• Tight quality control inspection services handled in-line and off-line
• First Part Approval Process: optical comparator testing, tensile strength validation

1) Explain how your expertise in Materials can help me?
A. We have specialists who can test materials and source materials for you. We are also a preferred converter of the top material vendors including 3M.

2) Are you affiliated with Stokvis? Can you help find a Stokvis material?

A. We are a partner company with Stokvis and can help you source material all over the world.

3) Are you able to develop specialized material for a volume application?

A. Yes, we have worked with our vendors for many years to develop a relationship that allows us to seek out help in producing customized material for our large volume customers.

4) Do you get special pricing as a “Preferred Converter”

A. Yes, we get some of the lowest pricing on the most popular and rarely used materials and we pass that savings along to our customers.

5) How quickly can I get my application quoted?

A. Our goal is to turn around a quote within 1 day. We consult with engineers and material experts to make sure we quote you the best product at the best price.

6) What is the lead time for most orders?

A.The lead time will vary depending on your material request but we usually allow 5-6 weeks to receive your materials and produce your products. Typically we stock materials for our recurring customers. We order material when we get our customers orders.

7) How customized is your work? I didn’t see my application in your brochures or on the website.

A. Everything we do is a special order and specific to the customer’s requirements. Our portfolio of work is what we have been asked to do but does not include all that we are capable of achieving. We are capable of handling the most difficult applications. Let’s hear your toughest problem. We will be happy to solve it for you.

At M&C Specialties, we understand how making a successful product can be challenging. That’s why we work with you from the start to deliver finished products that are in complete compliance and at the best prices without delays.

Click to see how our Early Partner Involvement (EPI) approach benefits you.
non-pressure sensitive converting
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