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finger lift tapes
finger lift tapes

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finger printing supplies finger lift tapes
finger lift tapes
finger printing supplies
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May 13, 2017
finger lift tapes
finger lift tapes
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Finger Lift Tapes

Crime Scene Evidence Remco Products

Crime scene evidence products (
finger print supplies) from M&C Specialties are sold under the product name Remco ®. Remco® crime scene evidence products include finger lift tapes, Hing Lifters, and Rough Lift tapes. These finger print supplies are all manufactured by M&C Specialties. All these crime scene fingerprinting tapes are safe and effective for collecting and storing crime scene evidence. Fingerprinting tapes must be easy to use and reliable. Remco crime scene evident products fit these criteria. They are excellent finger print supplies.

Crime scene finger lift tapes for all types of fingerprinting needs from Remco ® are used by law enforcement, criminal justice and criminology schools and other investigation needs. Fingerprint products must allow an investigator to easily lift prints, even rough lifts. Finger lift tapes sold under the brand name Remco are made by M&C Specialties, a company that has been converting for more than 60 years.

Remco® criminal evidence finger lift tapes are designed to tear easily for those technicians who fold and "snap-tear" tape and seal well so fingerprint evidence is well protected. Finger lift tapes from Remco are easy to use and you can trust the results. Finger print tapes come in clear or frosted. Hinge Lifters have an optically clear, long aging adhesive system with a polyester hinged front cover. Rough or texture surfaces for fingerprinting are no problem for Remco® products. Rough Lift Tapes are the solution for finger print lifting on challenging services. Remco finger lift tapes are the ideal solution for finger printing supplies and needs.

Remco® is the known name in fingerprinting. A division of M&C Specialties, Remco® has been the brand in finger lift tapes for over 60 years. M&C Specialties is an OEM converter for commercial and medical application needs. M&C Specialties is an innovator in converting and offers design engineering expertise, materials and adhesive expertise, multiple clean room production facilities and a reputation for precision-required converting services.
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